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Posted Wed 10 January 2007

Crazy and Hazy

I wake up to the warm sunlight of dawn and the smell of fresh air. There I am sipping a mug of my favourite hot black coffee, sitting in front of a 24” imac checking for mail and the day’s schedule. Then I step out to the balcony and enjoy the fresh and pure air. There is greenery all around me. Then I take a mountain bike for a ride around the place and my daily dose of exercise. A stroll in the surrounding woods freshened me up. Oh what a beautiful day!

And then all of a sudden.. I wake up to the ringing sound of my alarm. With the freshness still in my head, it takes a few moments for me to realise that it was a dream, but what a dream. Now I sit in front of my 15” CRT, check for mails and plans, head out for my daily walk in the freshly polluted morning air….

Just how wonderful it would be to live in a country-side house, away from all the city hustle-bustle with fresh and clean air all around, with loads of greenery for miles around you. I just hope it will turn into a reality.. some day.. may be.

In other stuff, belated New Year wishes to all my fellow Martians!!!

PS: If anyone wants to help me realise that dream, you can start by sending me that 24” iMac ;-)

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