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  1. openvpn on mac (CLI)

    Thu 30 July 2009

    If you’ve used Tunnelblick, you know it has issues - multiple openvpn processes, or not starting up on boot etc.

    So here’s how to install openvpn the CLI way that just works!

    (You need macports installed)

    Quit and remove Tunnelblick from startup (system preferences -> accounts -> login items)

    sudo port …
  2. What they do to lure the common man

    Wed 01 July 2009

    The government reduced petrol prices by around 5 bucks before the election. And now, just after they got elected again, price is up!

  3. The Place Where Things Happen(ed?)

    Mon 01 June 2009

    Basaveshwara Nagar Coffee Day brings back some memories.

    Sub, gecko, sid and I gathered around the coffee table sipping on some nice beverages.

    While it was fun, I couldn’t help think - in a couple of months, sub and gecko will be heading off to different countries to fulfill their …

  4. The Parallal

    Wed 25 February 2009

    Last week, on a seemingly ordinary monday, GK and I noticed this sign board (the one with a P inscribed in a circle inscribed in a rectangle) while returning from a 2nd hand book store in Church Street. Nothing out of the ordinary. At first, we laughed at it, GK …

  5. The Devil’s Desktop?

    Sun 01 February 2009

    A friend asked, “if kde 4.2 was supposed to be the second coming of the christ, why don’t we see rave reviews of it everywhere?”

    I have an explanation:

    kde 666MB

    It’s the beast!!! ;-)

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