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  1. Start Pedaling

    Thu 08 January 2009

    With all these oil company employees and truckers on strike, it’s the perfect time to blow the cobwebs off your first two wheelers.

    Yes, that’s right, get that good old cycle out of the attic and start cycling! Now!

  2. My First Long!

    Wed 31 December 2008

    Date ~ 30/12/2008
    home - itpl ~ 30
    itpl - channapattana ~ 117
    channapattana - home ~ 77
    TOTAL - 224Km

    Four days ago my body suddenly decided to mend its sleep cycle and I’ve been sleeping at “night” and waking up at around 4 am (cool, eh?).

    It was a boring early morning. Had …

  3. That 70’s song came back to life!

    Sun 23 November 2008

    Video Killed the Radio Star (Live)

  4. firefox mac pdf plugin

    Sat 11 October 2008

    Firefox 3 doesn’t come with a pdf plugin on osx. This one just works!

  5. Our Dumb World

    Fri 10 October 2008

    I recently watched The Onion Movie. So I went to The Onion’s website and look what I found - A fantastic atlas of our planet by The Onion (Our Dumb World).

    Some descriptions are spot on. For instance,

    INDIA (please hold off while we die of malaria) Mixed by rising …

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