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  1. Top 10 Wrong Placed Ads

    Fri 25 July 2008

    (Thanks Prash)

  2. Song of the day

    Sat 12 April 2008

    This lifted my mood up. It might lift yours too!

    Lily Frost - Who Am I?

  3. faster than c

    Fri 04 January 2008


  4. A new year, a new perspective

    Mon 31 December 2007

    2008 is here!!!

    Looking back (which I haven’t done much of late), a lot has been accomplished, a lot left undone, and a lot of new dreams and aims.

    The last month has been a real struggle trying to manage between work, family, personal stuff and studies. I think …

  5. Video of the day

    Thu 11 October 2007

    Watch it!

    Edit: Google took the video down! (The video was about how it would be if Al Gore would be the president of USA! ;-) )

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