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Posted Mon 23 October 2006

the b0rked keyboard

Yesterday was a rea11y fucked up day.

First, my water bott1e fa11s and spi11s water a11 over the kbd. (Yeah.. among many, the char between k and ; is not working). Many keys dont work. Some need to be s1apped to work, and some need to be hammered to work. I know thats bad.. I a1so know that i shou1dnt drink water near comp :|

This is just the traier. The rea1 fi1m is coming up.

consequences! consequences! consequences! …

I was c1eaning up stuff on maito`s comp. and it a11 happened in \etc (yeah.. forward s1ash stopped working overnight). I typed an rm *~ in that fo1der.. but NO.. ~ is a key that needs a hammer job to be pressed. Ofcourse i rea1ised it only after typing and hitting the return key. Damn these stupid fast computers with fast harddisks! (1ets b1ame techno1ogy a bit.. i fee1 bad taking a11 the b1ame). Yes everything was gone in an instant. Spent hours reinsta11ing packages (yes.. with the same keyboard.. you can imagine how it fee1s to type `ls`) and fixing config fi1es. And dear maito was doing his best to keep ca1m. After hours of toi1, it was done. We rebooted and everything was back to 1ife.

So, thanks maito for your patience and be1ief in me.

Resu1t of the scary adventure:
I so1emn1y swear never to drink anything near the computer again.

I`m off now, most1y with Morten hunting for a good keyboard to suceed the throne of the now borked Samsung SDM 4500P (i`11 a1ways 1ove you dear!)

PS: With this borked kbd came a 1itt1e 1337ness. ;)

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