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Posted Wed 25 February 2009

The Parallal

Last week, on a seemingly ordinary monday, GK and I noticed this sign board (the one with a P inscribed in a circle inscribed in a rectangle) while returning from a 2nd hand book store in Church Street. Nothing out of the ordinary. At first, we laughed at it, GK blogged it. I thought some people simply cannot spell, and Bangaloreans cannot parallel park, but only perpendicular park. But something didn’t seem right with the above reasoning. After spending countless sleepless nights over this issue, I came up with a theory - a very plausible one!

The painters of the parking sign board came from a parallel univese where parallel is spelt with an ‘a’ instead of ‘e’. OK, so they are from a PARALLAL universe.

Next, the car owners from another parallel (PARALLAL for the above mentioned painters) universe where parallel (PARALLAL) is Perpendicular.

Wait I’m confused…. err… so… they come from a perpendicular universe? … and our universe is the point of intersection of a set of orthogonal universes? But they are parallel, right?

Brain short circuit. Time to sleep!

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